5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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If you are always experiencing a gifting dilemma when your family and friends celebrate an important milestone in their lives, there are items that won’t just convey your love, support, and acknowledgment but are also good for the environment.

Although consuming less can help reduce waste and emissions, consuming smarter is a sure-fire way of preserving the environment. The sentiment behind every gift you give is crucial, but thinking about the impact of the item before and after that box opening will further make the thought more valued.

With that said, always treat gift-giving as an opportunity to share the good feelings attached with purchasing and giving better-for-the-Earth products.

From pre-owned designer bags to sustainable jewelry, here are some of the eco-friendly gifts that will help show how much you love the recipient and the planet. Hopefully, you can find the perfect present that will make the recipient eager to see your name in one of their gifts.

1. Pre-owned luxury bags

Luxury resale helps extend the life of the things that have been produced instead of creating a new product. More than avoiding landfills, studies have shown that buying pre-owned Fendi bags and other luxury goods can save more than 22 litres of water and 8 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

So by giving preloved designer bags to the celebrant, you are doing your part in reducing water, carbon, and waste footprints.

In addition, the quality you get from designer houses, as opposed to fast fashion brands, is incomparable. Don’t forget as well that luxury items are an investment since they can exceptionally stand the test of time. The Hermes Birkin bag, for instance, has gradually appreciated in value since it was introduced in the market.

The notion of secondhand shopping has also changed dramatically over the years. Today, it’s acceptable to boast a collection of preloved designer bags and shoes than years ago. Vintage designer apparel has even emerged among the hyped trends recently.

Another benefit of giving pre-owned luxury items to your family and friends is that you can find limited-edition designer bags that they may not have managed to get before.

Imagine the joy and excitement they’ll feel when they open the box and figure out that you’ve given them one of the unique, timeless designer bags that you can only get from reputable designer resellers.

2. Unique artisanal gifts

If you are buying gifts online, you can minimise the environmental impact associated with online shopping by supporting ethical online shops.

For instance, look for shops that partner with different small crafting cooperatives and artisans around the world. Whether you are looking for tried and tested items like homeware and locally made scarves or unique gift ideas like handcrafted puzzle or gift boxes, you will find lots of organic, recycled, and even custom-made pieces that will match the recipient’s preferences.

3. Sustainable jewellery

Nothing says, “I love you” better than diamond jewellery that has been ethically and sustainably sourced and made. And today, there are several sustainable jewellery brands offering just that by using scientifically engineered materials, such as lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamond jewellery offers the same brilliance and quality as that of its traditionally mined counterpart but costs less. It is a more practical and sustainable alternative to a mined gem since it was created in a controlled environment rather than extracted from beneath the earth’s surface.

Another sustainable gift idea for someone special is an eco-friendly watch. Look for brands committed to ethical practices and use long-lasting eco-leather bands that are free from toxic substances.

4. Stylish sunglasses

Is the recipient a traveler and sports enthusiast? Then a new pair of stylish, sustainable sunglasses can be an excellent gift for him.

Sustainable sunglasses are 100% biodegradable since they are made from a combination of all-natural flax and bioplastic. Other brands also have biodegradable frames made from unique materials like recycled aluminum, sustainably sourced wood, or recycled skateboards. Moreover, they usually give back to causes, such as ocean cleanups or reforestation.

5. Digital entertainment subscriptions

Memberships or subscriptions to different media services are eco-friendly gifts because:

  • Most people today rely on these services, so rest assured that your gift will be used
  • These services don’t support the continuance of the physical material economy that can harm the environment

If you choose this gift idea, your options include subscriptions to Netflix, Headspace, and Audible. The key is to know what app or media services the recipient often uses.

Master the art of gifting sustainably

Whatever the season or occasion, there are different ways to give sustainably. Buying secondhand will always be the most eco-friendly option. But if there is a need to buy something new, the list mentioned above should provide you with other sustainable gift ideas. And if you would like to try an easier option, consider a custom gift basket from Alexandria Gift Baskets. They have a wider selection of custom gift baskets.

Making conscious choices regarding the shops and brands you choose is crucial to protecting the environment. Get creative and find something that will make the recipient feel loved and benefit the planet at the same time.