5 Quickest and Easiest Opportunities to Promote and Print E-Liquid Boxes

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E-liquid, also known as e-juice or vape juice is a fluid inserted into the vaporizers, or e-cigarettes to give vapor. It is the combination of a flavor along with nicotine (if the vaporizer uses nicotine e-liquids). As your vaping device is in use, a battery gives energy to the e-liquid to heat up and turn into a smooth vapor to be inhaled. E-liquids provide you complete versatility to experiment with a variety of flavors, depending upon your choice that you choose non-nicotine or nicotine strengths. Due to the availability of a wide range of flavors, also for teenagers, the trend of vaping is continuously rising. People love to relish themselves by enjoying different flavors on different occasions. In short, if you want to give it the first try, there will be always something exciting matching your taste. However, to retain the quality of this high-value product a well-designed packaging is necessary. The manufacturers keep on working with innovative ideas to design e liquid boxes exceptionally. Such packaging not only protects your vaping products but also plays a significant role in advertising your brand.

Get Promotional Benefits Using Custom Printed E-Liquid Boxes

Customized packaging has increased consideration and significance in promoting and advertising your brand. Hundreds of similar items are placed on retail shelves, but the one which speaks of its identity stands out. Attractively design e-liquid packaging can grasp the attention of every passing-by customer. It gives you a special edge over the competitors by highlight your brand more effectively. Advanced printing techniques can change the entire outlook of your packaging. It can convert a dull looking e-liquid box to an enticing one. Printing it with your business logo or other branding details is the easiest form of marketing. The designers have to work on multiple factors like design, quality of material, shape, size, and extra highlights to make your items worth buying. Here we are going to highlight five quickest and easiest opportunities to help you in promoting and printing your e-liquids boxes:

Create a Perfect Mix of Design Elements:

Working exceptionally on the design elements of your packaging can set you apart from the crowd. Create the right mix of colors and printing patterns but avoid overdoing. Patterns can also be used as a branding element. You can introduce them on the outside of your e-liquid boxes, or inside on a tissue wrap. A customized pattern can help you in giving you a unique brand identity.  Colors are another effective way to reflect what you are as a brand. Think to introduce vibrant colors to create an eye-catchy impact. However, they should not blend with the background and look dull. Leave some space white as well. In addition to it, go for easy to read fonts but add some style. By introducing attractive images you can highlight the fun aspect. However, excessive graphics and fonts can overwhelm your packaging design and perceive it to be unsophisticated. Thus, correct placement and proportion of elements are necessary to promote your products more effectively in the marketplace.

Make Best Use of Colors:

Appropriate use of colors to design your custom printed e-liquid boxes can change your sales graph from zero to maximum. These types of vaping products have replaced traditional cigarettes recently. Packaging has always been a topmost concern in the tobacco industry. The same trend extends towards the packaging of e-liquids and cartridges. Making the best use of colors can take your brand to the heights of success. It gives a unique identity to your products, advertising them in a far better way. Especially for the products like e-liquids that are available in an array of flavors, each distinct color can be used to differentiate the product. All you have to do is to carefully select a suitable color depending upon the nature and flavor of e-liquid. For example, you may use green for mint, red or orange for fruits, or yellow for lemon, etc.

Provides Necessary Branding Information:

A well-designed e-liquid packaging provides its customers with all the necessary branding details to make them aware of various aspects. It is one of the easiest opportunities for businesses to promote their brand in front of a large audience. For example, you may include the brand’s names, ingredients used, flavor, quantity, and even the harmful effects if any. Never forget to print your logo. Rather, make it the central part of your packaging design. Especially for the products like e-liquids that are subjected to several legal restrictions, it becomes necessary to print warning labels or healthcare messages along with other branding details to increase the demand for the product more.

Deliver a Wonderful Experience:

Delivering a wonderful experience to customers is another easy way to promoting your brand. Customers love value-added benefits. This makes them remember your brand forever. Among hundreds of similar-looking e-liquid boxes present on retail shelves, the one with the most creative display grasps the attention of everyone. To make your products noticeable you have to provide something additional. For example, you may introduce a windowpane, die-cut pattern, insert, a branded sticker, or anything else which makes your brand different for them.  You may also add-in some free stuff. For example, if a customer purchases an e-liquid box for fruity flavor, you may place a little sample of any new flavor. This makes the customer experience something new which he may love further. Such type of tactics not only provides a memorable experience to the customers but also helps in promoting your brand to a large audience by generating positive word of mouth.

Apply Special Finishing Effects:

Along with the use of advanced printing techniques, specialized finishing effects can make your e-liquid packaging look more adorable. Gloss/matte lamination, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, and aqueous coating are some of the most commonly used options. They enhance the grace of your packaging, give it more strength, and make it appealing for everyone. As a result, you can create a good opportunity for your brand by printing your e-liquid boxes more attractively.