5 Out-Of-The Box Wine Gifts in NZ That Go Perfectly With A Glass of Authentic Vino

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This is something that is often searched or asked mostly by family, friends, colleagues, and wine lovers. However, it has to be admitted that buying unique wine gifts in NZ when you don’t know the person in & out can be a little tricky. Especially when it comes to a price aspect!

You want to gift something unimaginary but don’t which gift can make him/her feel special and lucky. That’s where this list comes in- the wine gifts we have piled up are next to unique, out-of-the-box, unforgettable but also insanely useful in life. In short, there’s something outstanding to attract everyone, including newbies and wine snobs alike.

1. Wine Purifier

What can be more unique than a wine purifier to enhance the drinking experience of a die-hard wine lover by removing the unnecessary sulfites? You can hear of water purifier, air purifier, or vegetable purifier that is well-known to improve your healthy lifestyle, so the wine purifier does. This can be a perfect gift to order with online wine delivery NZ to make him realize that you also care about his health while gifting something out-of-the-world. Only creative people can think of this and you can be one of them.

2. Stemless Aerating, Stylish Wine Glasses

If you’re a red wine lover, you understand that aerating can either enhance or break the wine experience. However, having a stemless aerating wine glass set while raising the toast of an authentic wine will allow oxidation and evaporation of the wine to enhance the fruity punch and reduce the presence of unwanted compounds such as sulfites. Moreover, gifting such a stylish set of valuable aerating wine glass shows your unique class of choice. 

3. Electric Bottle Opener

It’s proving valuable in the life of a wine lover or can say bottle opener is close to the heart of a wine enthusiast. But opener, which runs on power is something no one can ever imagine of, so think the reaction of your friend or colleague when you gift him/her this innovative electric bottle opener. This classic wine gift NZ looks visually appealing, slim, making it easy to store at one side of the kitchen or home bar. The best part of this electric wine bottle opener is that it can open up to 30 bottles efficiently on a single charge. It can easily remove both natural and synthetic corks and is so efficient in its productivity that you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy the wine.

4. Wine Bottle Cooler

Elegant and long-lasting, wine bottle cooler makes a sophisticated gift for a wine bon vivant. Double protected walled and vacuum insulated, buy chianti wine cooler maintains the coolness of a bottle of wine long after it’s out of the refrigerator, without having to add ice cubes. Thanks to its lightweight and adjustable top, it fits perfectly with everything from regular wine, champagne bottles to water. The portable, classic design of this wine cooler will add a sense of luxury to any beach outing, long-traveling, or any patio party you attend. All-in-all this innovative gift keeps the bottle of wine chilled, no matter what is the range of temperature.

5. Airtight bottle sealer

For the days when finishing the whole bottle of wine is too ambitious, the wine bottle sealer creates an airtight seal that helps your favorite bottle stay fresh for at least a week. 

If you really want to gift something special to the wine connoisseur in your life, consider any of these gift ideas that go beyond the bottle of a classic wine. No wonder, your status will be on the seventh sky when you present any of these out-of-the-box, appealing wine gifts NZ to your close friend.