Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

5 Methods for Increasing User Engagement & Retention Rate

Engagement & Retention Rate

Brands using mobile apps for the success of their businesses realize the need to satisfy customers. Business value is not increased by the number of mobile app download rates, but it can be only measured with the active user. The business invests huge amounts of money in developing mobile apps but ignores the fact that if the mobile app is not engaging then it can’t build a long-term relationship with the users. Impressive mobile apps are powerful enough to acquire users but still need user retention features that can hold users for a long time. If your business app fails in engagement and user retention then it will gradually reduce the number of customers affecting the sales of businesses.

However, if you want to engage more users for the success of your brand, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn 5 most important methods to increase the user engagement and retention of your business mobile app.

Efficient Onboarding

Mobile applications need to initiate an effective onboarding process keeping it simple for the users. If the mobile app development focuses to enable all the possible features into the app, it may seem difficult for the users. Customers don’t like to spend much time on the onboarding process and prefer an easy and simple interface. If you keep it complex and difficult to understand, that there are higher chances of users to abandon it. You can simplify the process of user’s onboarding by reducing the account creation or sign up steps, utilizing multiple apps registration options including Facebook or Google. You can educate the users about the app’s functionalities but avoid displaying all the educational steps at one time.

Use Push Notifications

Personalized brand interaction can lead to great sales increasing the number of returning customers. When the customer visits your mobile app for the first time, make that impression last longer and stick to the mind of customers by using the personalization features to the extensive level. Mobile apps should interact with the customer frequently as most of the customers don’t visit the app the second time after installation. Here is the time when push notifications are needed the most, it enhances customer engagement with the app by keeping them up-to-date about all the latest happenings of your app. Push notifications can be welcome messages, offers, new products, sales, discounts, popular products that successfully reach out to the customers.

In-App Messages

Keep in mind to prioritize your customer’s needs and preferences to improve their app experience. Users only continue to use the mobile app if they get what they wanted without any hurdle. Businesses are making use of in-app messages technology to communicate with their users. This technology enables them to see user retention that will be displayed after 28 days of receiving the last message. In-app messages are also notifications but are displayed inside the mobile app that doesn’t require action instantly but is important to notify the users about certain things. These in-app messages may be popups, prompts, version upgrades, warnings like payment failures, interstitials, relevant single-user notification, real-time updates, personalized content links, etc.

Trendy Logo Designing

You can take advantage of outstanding brand identity to boost your business recognition and sales. The trendy logo design instantly gains the attention of users and develops their interest in business products or services. The trendy logo is successful in making the mind of the customer to shop products they like in order to fulfill their needs and wants. By creating a trendy logo you will not only just excite the users but they also start considering themselves important to a brand. A great proportion of business operators and marketers use the corporate logo design services for nonstop user engagement while others go for usage-based rewards to incentivize users.

Encourage Two-Way Communication

The loyalty of users increases only when they feel valued by the business. To build and maintain a relationship with the consumers, businesses should frequently appreciate and make them feel important for your business. Brands know they need to use two-way communication in apps as it has a great impact on revenue. The feedback messages are much encouraged by the users as they can tell their experience directly to the brand and in case of any mishap, it can be solved immediately. This feedbacks are also important to improve the functionality of your business process or the products and services you offer. Two-way communications are extremely important for any business to increase retention rates, positive reviews, and brand loyalty.

In the conclusion we could add now that the above information is appropriate for people who want to experience next level user engagement by utilizing effective strategies.