5 Exotic Christmas Gift

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Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells,

Jingle all the way

Christmas is at the door, but preparation is still not finished. Don’t worry, your preparation I am going to do. This is not a joke, I am seriously saying this. Christmas tree is done, food is done but what about gifts. Christmas is special for gifts. I use to wait for Christmas because I will get so many gifts. When you will get you are free, you don’t need to think about anything. But when you have to give a gift, your mind stops working. The gift should be special after all it’s Christmas. But you don’t need to take much tension for this. Because when I am here then you don’t need to have fear.

1.Christmas Cake

Christmas is all about fun, party, dance, Santa, Christmas tree, and most importantly cake. So if you are going to a Christmas party. You can go with a plum cake or any other Christmas cake. In fact, you can surprise with midnight cake delivery in Bangalore. I mean, you can send Christmas cake to your friends. Bloomsvilla has a delicious collection of cakes. So you can have a look at their sites. With the cake, you can give a rose bouquet or any other bouquet. Whatever flower you want, your gift will make Christmas memorable for your loved ones. 

2.Wall hanging lamps

Christmas is about good vibes, lights, happiness, togetherness, love, and food. During Christmas people love to decorate their home, with beautiful lights. This is a super classic as well as an elegant wall hanging lamp.  This is a thoughtful gift too. Because this spreads light and enhances the beauty of the home. Wherever you want to hang you can. It can be hung in the balcony near the flower pots. It will look good in the bedroom, drawing room, study room. Everywhere it will so pretty and classy.

3.A basket of happiness 

This is the perfect gift you can give to anyone.  You can order online too. Christmas always brings lots of smiles and happiness. So the gift should be something like that. So the gift basket will be a great gift. A basket filled with delicious chocolate, cupcakes, fruits, aroma candles, bell, cute Santa cap, fresh flowers, etc. Just imagine when you will give someone this basket, what will be the reaction. Whoever you will gift this basket, definitely going to crazy.  Because this basket is filled with purity and sweetness. Your Christmas gift memories, your beloved will cherish whole life. 

4.Cute Santa soft toy or statue 

Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus. I don’t think we can imagine, Christmas without Santa Claus. So this will be an amazing gift for Christmas. It is said, Santa Claus fills our wishes at Christmas. He gives lots of gives to everyone. So this Christmas gift a cute Santa. There are numerous of different kinds Santa Claus, available in the market, and online too. If someone is a soft toy lover, then gift Soft toy, Santa Claus. If someone loves to decorate home with a statue, and different kind of stuff. Then you can gift Santa statue. Whoever you will gift, that person will be overwhelmed by your gift. Because this is such a cute and innovative gift. 

5. Wine 

How could you think about the Christmas Eve without wine? So this is a delicate gift. Anybody will love this gift on Christmas Eve. People love to have mulled wine on Christmas Eve. A bottle of wine with a beautiful flower banquet. Both will be the perfect gift for Christmas. Your loved ones will enjoy your gift so much. Your gift will make your beloved Christmas special. This a sophisticated gift and authentic too.

Christmas always brings your close ones closer. And it also makes strangers to friends. Christmas is always spread positive vibes, and inspire us to be a good human being. Gifts are just a way to show love towards each other. If someone is far from you at Christmas. If you will send flowers to Mumbai that person, it will be very special for that person.  This is the beauty of Christmas. So now, you have lots of good ideas about what to gift. This Christmas be the Santa of someone’s life.