5 Common Myths about Nuts and Dry Fruits Gifts Ideas

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Do you love to eat dry fruits and nuts? Definitely yes! You must have favorite ones too, right? We all do. But, do you believe the myths related to them?

You must have heard about different myths akin to these nuts and dry fruits from your childhood, and now even you must become accustomed to hearing a lot of things too. However, these myths are just a barricade in your way, stopping you from using nuts and dry fruits as a part of the diet.

 These are considered healthier than the biscuits or cake you consume, and they have the capacity to curtail your hunger spasms. Now is the high time to leave all those myths behind and eat them with new and better perspectives. You can buy nuts even as corporate gift hampers online to gift them to the deserving employees.

There are even facts stated by the diet experts who work against all the myths.

Following are the myths about the dry fruits and nuts:

  • We should eat only a few nuts. If we are consuming nuts more than 6 or 7, it may not be healthy for our bodies.

Although 30 grams of nuts won’t do any harm to our body as it is the recommended serving. The right portion of nuts can help the body in staying active all the time.

  • Dry fruits and nuts consumption results in weight gain. It is often said that they have lots of calories which may result in obesity.

But in reality, these healthy snacks can help in making our hunger satiated and even have shown a reduction in belly fat. Food intake is less and more energy, isn’t it the complete opposite?

  • We must have nuts and dry fruits during the morning time. This typical old myth was very common before, and they also taught their next generations that eating them other than morning will not be beneficial in any way.

But the nuts can be used in any meal of the day. It does not matter whether it is added in the breakfast bowl or cooked dinner plate.

  • The myth which you must be very well aware of, soaked nuts are far better than the raw ones. They used to believe that we may gain more nutritional properties from the soaked nuts.

However, the soaked nut does not award us any nutritional benefits rather nuts can be consumed in any form. If you want them easy to be chewed, yes sure, go for the soaked ones.

  • The sugar content is a lot in the dry fruits. 

But the added sugar is worse than the natural one in dry fruits. You are eating 100% fruits, just dried ones. What do you think is better, processed fruits or dry fruits? Are you still concerned about the superstitious thought that has been dubbed in your mind? Try to think about the nutrients you will be getting in your system along with the immunity boost. If you are browsing to purchase corporate gifts, you will be amazed to see a lot of places where you will be getting the perfect deals.