5 Budget Ways to add a DIY WOW factor to Wedding Invites

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To make sure your invitations really stand out from the crowd, you need to add in some elements that will surprise and delight your guests with how personal and creative they are. Luckily, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to accomplish this! Here are 10 budget-friendly ways to add some DIY WOW factor to your wedding invites.

Put a Ribbon on it

A pretty little bow will make any ordinary invitation special. You can purchase or borrow these from a local craft store and attach them using double-sided tape or by hand. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to get that perfect finishing touch for your wedding invitation templates. Don’t forget to bring a ribbon in with your invitation design. 

Make sure you put it on top of cards that have been printed out at home for an even more professional look. If you prefer not to have ribbons on your invitations, there are other ways you can add color or extra pizzazz depending on how formal or informal your wedding is going to be. For example, if you want to add some color but don’t want to use ribbons, consider adding colorful cardstock paper behind your wedding invitation text instead. 

Or if you want something simpler than both of those options, try putting some stickers on white envelopes instead! Stickers come in so many colors and patterns now that they’re definitely worth considering as a budget option. They might not be as fancy as a ribbon but they can still do wonders for making your wedding invitations stand out without costing too much money.

Creative Edging with Punches

Whether you’re doing an elegant-themed wedding, or even a wild and zany celebration, it’s all about adding that extra touch of class. Punching edges with punches is one of those tricks you can use to make your special event that much more memorable and personalized. 

To get started on your own punch-edged pieces, be sure to hit up local craft stores like Michael’s where you can find punches in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Also, there are many patterns available online for various effects. For example, if you’re going for something simple like diamonds and swirls, look into stenciled wedding invitations. 

They may cost a little bit more than other options, but they’ll definitely give your invites that extra pizzazz. Just remember: You don’t have to go overboard! Simple touches will really stand out and help make any wedding invites stand out from others.

Address your Invitations beautifully with Calligraphy

While you may not want or be able to afford custom-designed wedding invitations in Spanish, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up with calligraphy. You’ll likely want your calligrapher to create address labels and envelope addresses, but even if you don’t want to use traditional sealing wax (some of us don’t), you can still dress up your envelopes with calligraphy. 

Look for decorative stickers at craft stores like Michael’s; just apply your address in calligraphy, cut it out and seal it on top of these stickers. Calligraphy is artful, personal, and perfect for making a big impression on guests while staying within budget. 

Plus, because most calligraphers will give you an example before they start working on your actual invites, you’ll get to see what your invites will look like before sending them out. This way, you can tweak any wording or style until it’s exactly how you imagined. 

If doing something simple and classic is more your style, let me suggest some lovely scrollwork. If done well—and by that, I mean perfectly balanced and proportioned—it adds so much drama without being overdone.

Add a Wash of Watercolor

Watercolour is an excellent way to infuse your stationery with warmth and personality. It’s easy, inexpensive and you don’t need any fancy equipment or drawing skills. You can create beautiful watercolor effects by mixing non-toxic paintbrushes with regular watercolors—if you want, try coloring in with graphite pencils or pastels, too. 

Just make sure that when working on paper, you use an absorbent surface like Bristol board so there aren’t any marks left behind once it dries. For those of us without natural artistic talent (like me), it’s super rewarding for such a quick process. And if it turns out less than perfect, just pour more paint over it until everything blends together.

Seal it with Wax

Use wax seals instead of stickers or stamps on your wedding invitations. While buying them will cost you, melting some wax yourself and then letting it cool should get you something similar for free (or cheap). But, even if you have no interest in DIY-ing your own wax seals, there are many Etsy stores that offer them. 

You can also find a lot of inspiration by looking through old books or visiting museums and historical sites. Just remember: If you’re sealing an envelope without addressing it first, use water seal paper so your guests don’t have to waste time licking envelopes clean before opening them. 

Wax is much more expensive than sticker adhesive and not as durable. It’s easy to accidentally rip off all of your wax when opening an invitation if you don’t know what you’re doing! This method works best with straight edges—like square cards—as opposed to odd shapes like hearts or circles. 

Also, keep in mind that regular writing paper can be folded over at most two times; thicker papers need special equipment which isn’t necessary with sealed envelopes. The fewer steps required, the better! If a small hole is left open at one end of your envelope (for instance, if someone forgot to address it), be sure to seal that area shut with tape or glue as well.