5 Basic Computer Tips And Tricks

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What is a computer: A computer is an electronic device designed to work with data. The word computer is derived from the Latin word ‘computare’, which is a calculable or programmable machine. A computer cannot do anything without a program. It addresses decimal numbers through a string of paired digits. The term ‘computer’ refers to the central processor unit(CPU) in addition to internal memory. The use of Computers is important at all times in our daily lives. Computers are used in day-to-day life to transform raw realities and information into critical data and information. Software engineering is tested day by day by people. The Computer resembles an electronic mystical gadget for our lives.

1. Keyboard Shortcut Keys For YouTube

When you are watching videos on YouTube, you can control the video in some keyboard shortcuts ways and there is no need to use a mouse pointer by any stretch of the imagination. Usually, when watching videos on YouTube, you use the spacebar to pause and resume video playback. In any case, there is another key that you can use for a similar purpose. You can change the spacebar by hitting the K shortcut key on the keyboard. You can pause and resume videos on YouTube. Additionally, if you need to quickly back and forth the video in a few moments, press the L and J keys, respectively. Press M to mute the video volume. Press M again to bring back the volume of the video you are playing on YouTube. If you want to have more details, then you should visit technology blogs India.

2. Rename Multiple Folders And Files Together

The trick here is that you can rename different folders or files simultaneously, saving you valuable time instead of renaming multiple folders and files individually. So to do this, select some folders or files on your computer system. At that point, press the F2 key. You will see a folder or file name that you can rename. Enter a name for the folder or file and you will have other selected folders and files that will be automatically renamed with a postfix of numbers after each name. Similarly, you can create many folders on your desktop screen or inside a directory. Select all folders and press F2 in which a folder will be renamed. Give the folder another name and press the Enter key. The remaining folders will consequently change their names and include numbers inside sections to separate each folder from the other. It takes only a few moments.

3. Shortcut Key To View System Information

Usually, when you need to see the system details on your PC, you need to go to your Start menu, then you need to right-tap on My Computer or Computer and select Properties to see the information of your computer or PC. Suppose you can achieve this by just pressing a button. This will save you a few moments of tapping on the option so that the desired window is achieved. To do this, use the key combination Win + Pause Break. Hitting the key will quickly raise the System Information window on your PC screen. To know more, search for tech blogs India.

4. Keep Updated Your Computer And Its Programs

There is nothing as an ideal software or hardware driver to keep updated your laptop or computer. After the engineer releases their program, they may be issued errors and updates to fix these problems. In the case of important software programs and operating systems, there may be a few hundred updates and service packs during its lifetime. Updating your PC and its programs can help prevent problems. To know more about tricks, you can search top tech blogs in India.

5. Make Full Use Of Mouse Button Or Wheel

Many new PC users only use the left mouse button. Use the mouse to its maximum capacity by using the right mouse button to go to the settings menu. For example, if you highlight text and then right-click on that text, it picks up a menu that allows you to copy, cut, paste, and perform various tasks on that text. Most new users use the mouse wheel only to scroll up and down, this wheel can also be used as a third button by pushing down on the wheel. For example, by using the wheel as a button you can click on any link to open that link in another tab. Some PC mice likewise allow the wheel to be pushed both ways to play out of additional features, for example, pushing back and forth on the website page.

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