4 tourist attraction in Kolkata

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The beautiful city of Joy in India, Kolkata got various beautiful places to roam around and you will never be going to be bored. Wherever you place a camera you will get a nice view. There are many7 different visiting places in Kolkata and here I am going to discuss four places in Kolkata that you can go and visit ina day. You can rent an online cab in Kolkata and visit this places, or you can rent hourly cabs in kolkata and visit these places.

Also, there are many food resturants available and don’t miss to taste the food of Kolkata. There you will get Chinese foods, American foods, Indian foods and also Bengali foods that will melt your mouth, yes they are bit spicy but you will enjoy every bite of Bengali foods. 

New market : 

The present New Market in Kolkata was built by the British in the year 1874. Now, there is almost 2000 and above stall and shops are present. You need to do little bit bargaining, The new market is a one stop place for any kind of your needs from clothing to electronics everything is available in this place. The market was formerly known as Sir Stuart Hogg market, nowadays it is also called as Hogg Market. The market generally closes around 8 o clock but the night life is also great with a cup of tea from the street stalls. 

Park Street : 

the street in Kolkata that never sleeps is known as Park Street. These places got various restaurants and pubs and are the most favorite places for a hangout to Kolkata’s people and if you are there you should also cherish the place. This place also has some old British building which was built by them today they are also standing tall and are attraction places for locals and tourists. The street is now officially named as Mother Teresa Sarani and previously it was burial Ground Road. Well, the night life is also enjoyable as the lightings are great. You can visit in the time of 25th December or New Year, the street got new covered with Lighting and decoration and the street fills with people and tourists. 

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple :

Well, now its time for some temple and devotional places. Kolkata got many temples and got many devotees not only from Kolkata but from other places also. This Kali temple was constructed by a philanthropist named Rani Rashmoni in 1855. One can see always devotees and tourists around this place. A famous temple in the heart of kolkata. the temple stands in the bank of Hooghly River, the holy river of India. 

Prinsep Ghat :

The Prinsep ghat is one of the calmest place and a great place to spend your relaxing evening time. The place is situated on the Bank of Hooghy River made by the British in 1841. You can enjoy seating in front of the calm river and enjoy your evening snacks with Chai. YOu will mesmerize the view and the beauty of the place. Boating is also available in this place which is paid and is also a great place for romantic dates.