4 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You

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Either you believe it or not but playing video game can literally be a good practice for you and your brain. The American Psychological Association states that playing video games, shooting games including can help you in boosting your social skills, learning skills and above all your health. Apart from video games if you want something to keep you excited and engaged, it is the best mystery box games that you can subscribe.

Video gaming also helps you in strengthen a cognitive amount of skills like reasoning, perception, memory and spatial navigation. Also in the above mentioned psychological research it is also stated that playing the games in the FPV mode can be a good helping hand. It helps you in improving the capacity to think about the objects in the three dimensions, some academic coursed also revolves around this study.

These are great and fine. Just move further and let’s find out benefits of playing video games. Here are four fun facts:

Get Socialized All Around the Globe

Way and way back to the time there was a possibility to meet new person in your country or even from the world is by becoming the pen pals. You’d often send them letters back and forth telling them about your lives, your hometown, and many more things.

Fast forward to today’s world. Playing video games online makes it easy for you to meet some new friends all around the globe. Eventually you can become good friends with them.

Communication with Friends

There isn’t denying in the fact that gaming is super social and fun experience. Have you ever an all-nighter? (I’m guessing yes). There are more chances that were communicating with your friends either it is some king of strategy or even some kind of trash talk. Discord let you talk and text via VoIP in the middle of action or where you are planning your next move.

With the recent conditions in this corona pandemic when you can’t have the chance to meet up your homies you all just get online to play counter strike, COD, DOTA or PUBG with your friends. Thus helping you get a proper communication with your friends. Fun and hang out all under one roof.

Exercising Strategy Skills

Well this might be the finest and most helpful advantage of playing video games. As planning some action games will help you in get in to the game story and you will think of some strategy to keep yourself alive in the game. Thus helping you in opening great parts of your mind.

Besides action games, while playing some mind games or puzzles you will have to focus a more to clear the stage. Thus your strategy skills will surely improve after playing video games.

Blow Off Steam

We can talk about the gaming strategy, knowledge and other stuff all long the day. But at the end of the day after study or office or whatever you do, playing video games with your friends helps you a lot in getting relaxed and getting some load of your mind. 


Some peoples consider gaming a waste of time and bad habit, but in fact it is much helpful. Playing video games helps you in getting socialized, hang out, build some friend ships and even to increase your mentally capacity. You can even stress of the work load with gaming. In the end gaming is good for you.