4 Puns That Are Funny Things to Say and Also Teach a Lesson of Life

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As humans, we have evolved unlike anything else. The human mind has overcome a lot of evolution to come to the point where it is now. However, the one curious quality that the human mind possesses is the quality of puns. Be it wordplay, or ambiguity, a pun is certainly one of the greatest talents of the human mind. The best thing is they can be used as funny things to say to your friends too.

In this blog, we will be talking abouta few such puns which represent the absurdity of the human mind. These puns represent different aspects of human behavior in different life situations. This may sound too complicated but once you read them, you will know that these are the most random things to say to your friends or anyone who seems “worthy”. Get the pun?

Here are 4 puns for you to make use of in your everyday situations:

  1. No matter how hard you push the envelope, it’s still stationery.

This one is one of the most simple sentences dedicated to something that seems very rare nowadays i.e. logic. Now here, the word “stationary” plays a double role. On one hand, it means any kind of writing material and office supplies. On the other hand, it means motionless or not moving. So the line basically means that no matter how hard you push an envelope (as if pushing a person and wanting him to change himself), it still remains stationary (something made out of paper). Again, it also means that no matter how much you push an envelope (into a letter box) and no matter how much it undergoes movement, it is still stationary (motionless). See the pun of logic? This can easily be something funny to say to your friends, don’t you think?

  1. Why do we have noses that run and feet that smell? 

A strong point, a tough question and a rhetoric matter, these three can turn anyone quiet. This sentence is such an example. Totally rhetorical in nature, this hails from the world of weird things to say.How to make use of it? Well, there is no end to people saying things that are totally normal things with awe. For example, “Wow, see the birds fly!!”, or “Look at that fish swim so fast!!” I mean of course they do. That is what they are supposed to do. So, for an even better reply, use this sentence, just with the ease of Chandler Bing. And see the best dumb expression on earth ever.

  1. The quickest way to get someone’s attention is to no longer want it.

Attention, attention!! (drumrolls)‘Funny random things to say’presents a sentence that is a solution to one of world’s greatest wanting today, attention. Everybody wants it. Well, if a friend of yours wants it from a person he or she likes and is ignored by the person, tell your friend this. It works really well. Or if you yourself have someone whose attention you want, and that person knows it and ignores it deliberately, use this technique. Learn to ignore and people get so irritated and distraught, it’s amazing.  They might end up hitting their head on the wall. Yeah, that would be fun to see, right? Wicked but worthy.

  1.  If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Well, this one is to add a bit of light-heartedness to the entire matter. A truth of life and yet ever new, this one can easily be put up on a shirt and bragged about at any party. The meaning is simple. Sometimes, if you do not succeed at something the first time, maybe it is not for you. An example, skydiving. Why? Because if you do not succeed in it, you die.

These 4 puns are great random things to say to your friends or to anyone who “needs” it. Just use it in your life or share with someone else. Become the Pun Guru.