3 Things First-Time Sellers Need to Know

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So you want to sell your first home? Selling a house can be scary for first-time sellers, and there are a lot of things to do before handing over ownership.

1.) Be Financially Stable 

The first thing you’ll want to do is prepare your financial information for selling. It is important to determine the price you want to sell at, how much you’re willing to spend on possible renovations, and consider hiring an agent to make the process easier

You’ll need to know that when selling a house you should try and sell for more than the debt on the home. This includes costs like the remaining mortgage, the tax and commission fees, etc. You will also have to take into account any renovations made to sell the home to determine your ideal selling price 

Make sure to not set the price too high either. Be realistic, a price that can make you money, but is still a fair deal to your potential buyers. You may want to use a seller closing costs calculator to make it easier to find a reasonable price for your home. Do some research on what other homes in your neighborhood are worth to get a good estimate of your own.  

Remember that while you love your home and think it’s worth a lot of money, buyers haven’t lived in it. 

2.) Make it Look Nice  

Preparing your home to sell is a crucial step for selling. A fruit vendor would want his best looking apples up front, right? Maybe they all aren’t perfect, but the good ones will attract customers. The same applies to your home.

No home is perfect so of course there will be some issues, but spending some money to fix major issues and make your home nicer will increase your sale price and make it easier to sell and moving to Columbia SC

When giving a tour of your house, clean every room people will be in, make sure it smells nice, and try to be prepared to answer any questions buyers may have.

3.) Be Honest 

Finally, it is important to be honest. People touring your house will have plenty of questions, and you should answer them truthfully. Like we said, no house is perfect, there will be problems and issues. And no matter how big or small, the buyers should know what they are.

Remember to set your ideal price, but also a bottom line too. Buyers or agents will try and haggle, and just like you they’re trying to get the best price possible. It is important to not undersell because you were told your house is worth less than it is. 

That’s your home, so be proud of it and sell for the right price!