3 mobile marketing trends in 2021

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The mobile market is growing every year and 2021 won’t be an exception. What will be trends for smartphones in the next 365 days? In this article, we will try to cover the best trends that will dominate 2021.

2020 has accelerated the development towards app-centric everyday life

In 2020, the pandemic showed very clearly the benefits apps can offer both brands and consumers – not to mention the many government institutions that have developed apps to track Covid infection chains.

Apps are therefore more in focus than ever and we expect more and more companies to invest in apps in 2021 in order to develop them into their most important channel for customer interaction. Representatives of company SocialWick.com think that traditional brands have to keep up with their mobile-centric competitors and they also have to invest in their apps.

For marketing experts, the new year will primarily be about how they can bind the users gained in 2020 to the apps by gradually returning to everyday life. The central question is what additional added value apps can offer.

The pandemic has shown that it is worthwhile to consider the needs of users, especially in difficult times. Brands are successful when they can put themselves in the shoes of their customers and see the little things they can do to make their customers’ lives easier and safer.

iOS 14 brings many changes: Collecting accurate data

Complying with data protection regulations will be a central challenge in 2021. In the new year, mobile marketers will have to focus more than anything on creating a seamless transition to Apple’s new privacy policy, which will take effect earlier this year.

With the help of leading UX and UA experts, Adjust has started a research program with the aim of implementing the best process for obtaining consent and the ideal UX design for the app. Adjust has also released a new SDK for iOS.

The new version supports all data protection functions of iOS 14 such as App Tracking Transparency and SKAdNetwork and gives app developers the opportunity to test various solutions for the transition in advance. Regardless of the impact of these changes, we are confident that this is an opportunity for the mobile industry to create a sustainable ecosystem for app developers, advertisers, and users alike.

Marketing is becoming more creative and more customizable thanks to automation

Thanks to automation, mobile marketing processes such as reporting become significantly faster and more extensive. Automation has the potential to revolutionize the industry and will therefore also be a central topic for app marketers in 2021. Automation tools help tackle the manual and time-consuming tasks that marketers typically spend hours on a day. This leaves them more time to focus on topics such as hyper-personalized advertising content.

Even if marketing workflows are automated, the ad motifs should still be unmistakably human. Marketing and product development should work closely together on an ongoing basis to attract users to the app with relevant, helpful and, above all, personal advertising. This is the only way for companies to be successful in the long term.