3 Good Reasons Why We Should Add Watermark to PDF

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You might have been seeing tons of images and documents with watermarks on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other platforms on the internet. A watermark could be a logo, photo, or signature that looks like a stamp on an electronic document. You can still have a clear visual of the watermark you’ve chosen without preventing you from reading the main content of your electronic files. 

You may find many websites on the internet that will give you access to a particular tool you can use for free in adding a watermark to your files. However, the most popular and in-demand one that you can find online is GogoPDF. Hence, check the list of significant reasons below why you should watermark your electronic files and see the essential details of the watermarking process using the GogoPDF platform. 

What is the best way to watermark your PDF?

Today, due to technological advancement, you can now add watermark to PDF online most easily and conveniently. One big reason for using any watermark is to help protect the copyright of your photos, documents, and other electronic files. To successfully do it, you can always access and use the add-watermark online tool of GogoPDF. 

The process is pretty easy, and GogoPDF will provide you with the most simplified watermarking procedure. Just visit this platform’s official website and have your files uploaded on its online tool. Once done, you can then select either an image or plain text to be your watermark. After that, choose how to position it on your file, and hit the “add watermark” button. 

That’s it! You only have to wait for a couple of minutes to get it done. There you go! Your electronic files now have watermarks, and they are available for download and use anytime you want. That’s the simplest and easiest way of watermarking your electronic files using the GogoPDF platform. Hence, moving forward, all information your files contain is protected with a watermark. 

Ensures Ownership

Content theft has been one of the ongoing issues across the globe. Due to the convenience of file-sharing on the internet, unauthorized access and use have become persistently happening to most electronic file users. That’s why adding transparent watermark to your electronic files will help people accessing them know the rightful owner of the content. 

If you’ve created different electronic files that you use for various practical purposes, it’s sometimes difficult to prove that you own them without showing any evidence. With thousands of people who visit the internet every day and sharing files online becomes a habitual activity, it somehow gives you the challenge to keep track of your files and intellectual property.  Hence, one of the best ways to make all of your electronic files safe is to add a watermark to them. 

Avoids Unauthorized File Use

Watermarking your electronic files will help you claim ownership of the content. Besides that, it’ll significantly help you prevent people from using your electronic files without your permission. If a particular file has a watermark, you can’t easily use it for any reason without any consent from the owner. It’s an illegal act and punishable by law. 

That’s why most people find it hard to look for any legal and free images that they can use for social media posts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other platforms popular today. However, you can find many websites on the internet to give you access to whatever image, electronic document, and even video that you need, but most of them will require you a subscription that will cost more money. Hence, another important reason for adding a watermark to your electronic files is to discourage anyone from using them without your consent or permission. 

Other Need-to-Know Details

The information your electronic files contain might have valuable and sensitive data that you use for any personal or business purposes. That’s why if your files are completely watermarked, people can’t easily copy and use them when the texts are non-editable, and they can’t even select any data or information on them. 

Hence, people who want to use your electronic files will find it difficult to put the content under someone else’s name. Thus, many people add a watermark to their files as the smartest technique to make them safe and have clear evidence that all of its content belongs to you. 

Moreover, to take full advantage of your watermark is to place it in a particular position on your electronic files effectively. You can put it in the center but not with a smooth or solid background because it tends to be removed easily. Besides that, don’t position the watermark around the page because people can easily crop or remove it. It’ll be better to use big watermarks so that people can cause damage to the content when they try to remove them. The most recommended size of the watermark is the one that covers at least 30% of the page. 


If you’ve been creating electronic files and using them for various practical purposes, you must be familiar with watermarking. It’s to help you have copyright protection, ensure ownership, and avoid any unauthorized file use. Hence, don’t forget to add watermarks to your electronic files next time, and you can always do that using the GogoPDF platform.