3 Facts about the planet Mars you must know

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The position of Mars will be very close to Earth on July 27, 2018, later. This red planet will reach an orbit called the opposition, where Mars will be directly opposite the Sun, and a straight line with Earth.

Mars planet

Mars will be visible close to Earth at 7.50 pm on July 27, or at 14.50 on July 31, 2018.

Mars has also been closer to Earth for the past 15 years, or in 2003. According to NASA’s US space agency, in 2003, the distance between Mars with Earth as far as 56 million kilometers.

While on July 31 later, the distance between Mars with Earth as far as 57.6 million kilometers. With that distance, Mars will look 10 times brighter than usual.

Then what are the facts about this planet Mars? Check out the following list.

Mars Greater than Mercury
Mars is bigger than Mercury, but Mercury is denser.

As a result, the two planets have a similar gravitational pull on the surface and Mars’s pull is stronger at less than 1 percent.

The size, mass, and gravity of the Martian surface are “between” Earth and the Moon (Moon’s diameter is only half of Mars, while Earth is twice.) However, Mars is smaller than Earth.

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Mars Reddish Orange
Already many who know the color of Mars Planet is reddish-orange.

The appearance of the surface of Mars is red-orange is due to the presence of iron oxide, which is better known as hematite. So, anyone can easily see Mars, because the color is quite clear and bright.

Gravity on Mars is Lower than Earth
Mars has a lower gravity than Earth. Precisely, Mars’s gravity is 62 percent lower than our planet.

Earth alone is 1.8794 times larger than Mars, so it has more mass and energy than Mars.

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