3 Crucial Tips To Take Care Of Engagement Rings

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Getting a pricey, beautiful diamond ring from your loved one can make you feel extra special, especially if it was given as their sign of commitment for your engagement. Since they often come at steep, exorbitant prices, it would be best to show your significant other that you value their gift by ensuring that it is always in the best condition possible. Fine jewelry pieces like engagement rings would look best if you know how to properly take care of it. 

If you recently got engaged and have no idea how to make sure that your ring always looks great, here are several helpful tips for practicing all the time. 

#1: Clean The Ring Constantly

It is inevitable for engagement rings to accumulate dirt, especially if worn all the time. Dirt and oil might accumulate on the centre stone of the ring, which could affect its lustre. If the diamond remains dirty, it will not serve its purpose to serve as the shiny, focal point of the ring.

Fortunately, you need not necessarily be a professional to clean your engagement ring. You only need to drop in a dish filled with warm water combined with several drops of mild dishwashing soap. You may let it sit for a while then scrub the diamond gently with a soft brush. Once cleaned, you have to rinse it thoroughly and pat dry. You may repeat the process once every several weeks.  

#2: Know When To Wear And Take Off The Ring

Most people believe that engagement rings must always be worn all the time. But to ensure that it will remain on your hands forever, you need to know when to take it off so it will not get lost. If you wish to spend a day at the beach, you need to leave your precious ring at home. 

You may also consider taking it off for a while if you plan to do rigorous physical activities like playing tennis or working out to prevent the stones from popping all over the place. 

#3: Invest In Engagement Ring Insurance 

It would be best to insure engagement rings immediately, especially if it is worth a fortune. As much as possible, you must have the jewellery item insured the moment it comes out of the store. 

If your significant other forgot to do this very crucial step, you might opt to add it to your home contents insurance for a minimal price. You can also get special single-item insurance or a customised engagement ring insurance for added protection. While it may never replace the ring’s sentimental value, it would still reduce the stress that you would feel if your favourite piece of jewellery gets lost or broken since you no longer have to worry about the money for a replacement. 

Bonus Tip: Put Ring Dishes All Over The House 

Having several ring dishes at home would come in handy, especially if you have to take the engagement ring off all the time. It will help you know exactly where you took it off to avoid wasting hours looking for the ring. 

Some of the most strategic locations for the ring dishes include the kitchen, the bathroom sink, and the bedside table. These are usually the spots where you need to pull the ring out of your finger.