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A theme is a different way of defining how your browser appears when you open it. It usually changes the looks and design of your window when you use it. Google Chrome theme extension is easily available on the chrome web store and can be added to Chrome to try a variety of themes and styles. The default chrome theme is grey. A theme can lighten the mood of the user making his browsing experience more pleasant and relaxing. Therefore it is interesting to look and try The 15 Best Google Themes in 2020.

We all know that Google Chrome takes a lot of RAM. If you want to install these themes you must assure first that your system is in good condition for all that. If you are having any type of difficulty running your Laptop you can visit Dell Service Center in Delhi.

The best Google Chrome themes in 2020 are:

  1. Material Dark: This is one of the most loved Google chrome themes as it gives a plain dark vivid look without any extra design making it a minimalistic design of hardcore material. Also, it is a relief for people who sit in front of the internet for long tiring hours providing a balance of contrast to the eyes.
  2. Oceanic: As the name suggests, Oceanic is one of the most calming themes as it provides a serene and peaceful look to your browser without irritating your eyes. It soothes your browser with its oceanic and skyline colors making it a good choice for a theme. Its background provides a sense of ponderings to the user making him explore his imaginations.
  3. Beauty: Who doesn’t want his or her browsing experience to be the most natural and earthy? This Google Chrome theme is perfect for the nature lovers out there. With the hilly mountains to the pink and purple sky colors, this theme will pop out the creative side of you will using the internet.
  4. Night Time in New York City: This Google Theme is for all the people who love the nightlife of a city like New York, for all those people who want to experience the buildings, the lights, the skyline, infrastructure all this sitting at home without exposing their eyes to the typical bright colors.
  5. Blue/Green Cubes: This Google Chrome Theme is a perfect blend of green and blue colors being interlinked to each other giving the correct amount of warmth to its appearance. This is a good theme for all those who like warm and pacified colors to their browser.
  6. Flying Paint: This Google Chrome Theme is the best theme for all the artists out there, who love colors everywhere and like working with shades of dark and warm tones of bright colors as a display on their browser, feeling all productive with their artwork and designs.
  7. Zodiac Animals: This Google Chrome Theme is a theme for all those who are animal lovers and want their favorite animals to be there on their laptops while they work. The user can select from several animals to be displayed, with a simple and sleek design with every animal.
  8. Greek Beach: Greek Beach is the best Google Chrome Theme for users who are travel addicts and who do not want to miss out on their travel fantasies while they work. It has a summertime beautiful beach with seamlessly amazing waves by the beach.
  9. Space: One of the best Google Chrome Themes to feel the galaxy right at your desktop without any distractions. It brings all the dreamy versions of the space lovers on their right sight. It will make the user immerse in the pictures of the planets and the stars.
  10. Sahara: Sahara is the best theme to install if you want to know how the night at the Sahara desert looks at night, how the moon reflects itself on the sand, and how the stars glitter in the sky.
  11. Iron Man-Material Design: This theme is specially built for the Iron Man fans who are obsessed with him and can now have him as a Google Chrome theme on their laptops.
  12. Lamborghini Cherry: One of the best Google Chrome Themes with its popping out red color and the dashing Lamborghini, this theme is a perfect theme for the high-end car fans.
  13. Midnight Train Dark Blue Theme: Train and travel lovers will enjoy this theme to the fullest as it has all the brown train tracks, the station views, the proper train scenery, and the iron bridges in between.
  14. Raindrops: Already missing the rainy season and the high winds? Raindrops are the best Google Chrome Theme to check. This theme brings in the most positive and colorful mood to the user with its light colors and beautiful droplets.
  15. Sunset Theme: For people who try putting in an all-nighter and want to cool themselves before working can check out this theme. It is a gorgeous view when you are tired up at work at night.

The best part of these Chrome Themes are that they are extremely safe and free of cost. They come in visually appealing layouts making Chrome the best browsing software. The link to add Google Chrome Themes is https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/themes