10Ways to Increase and Improve your Customer Reviews

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Testimonials from customers as well as product reviews, especially posted in the top product review sites are undoubtedly one of your best tools for sales. The majority of consumers say they look at product reviews before they make a purchase and most of them also indicate that they are more likely to buy from sites with product reviews and ratings. Social proof can give reassurance to shoppers who are hesitant. 

It will also provide some additional context and help in the reduction of returns by ensuring that the consumers are content with what they chose to purchase.

Are you ready to build your business with trust as well as create meaningful social proof and build the brand that you want? Below are some tips that will be beneficial for you in increasing your product reviews. 

  1. Your reviews should be put at the front and center. 

You can also consider placing a few reviews on the site’s homepage itself. Regarding the reviews meant for specific items, consider publishing them on each of the product pages. You can also choose to add an entirely new page which can be dedicated to housing the best of the best testimonials from your customers, and add the link in your top nav. Just make sure you get them on your site in a way that it will work in the best for your product. 

  • You will need to remember to visit the same sites as your customers. 

If you are social and accessible, it is the most efficient way through which you can get honest and reliable feedback. You should also consider making your social media pages easily accessible from your store so that your customers will be able to reach out with their comments, opinions, and questions. 

  • Keep in mind to follow up with your buyers.

You can send an email personally to customers after they purchase it. You’re most If the purchase is still on top of their mind, you will likely get your reviews. The Big commerce app partner Yotpo will make it easier to automate this process. This will make it easy for you but more importantly it will also make it convenient for your customers

  • One thing that is very important for you to remember is asking the right questions. 

You will have to know as well as remember the types of responses that you are looking for before your inquiry. Find out the main interests of your targeted audience. Find out their significant concerns when they make a purchase. When you will eventually align all these questions, meaningful as well as relevant testimonials will come. 

  • If customers leave you with fabulous reviews.

 you may want to consider contacting them. If a glowing review ever comes under your notice, on Yelp, or you see a beautiful tagged picture on Instagram, then you should definitely be thanking them. You can also contact them and ask them if they would permit you to use their shootout on your site or any social media platform

  • It would also be advisable that you contact those who leave negative reviews, as ignoring those comments wouldn’t make them vanish. 

You can think of various ways to respond to those who have negative feedback. If you think the negative reviewer is justified regarding their complaint, and you have also seen other customers complain about the same problem, then you should take this opportunity, and discuss it with them. Take some time to talk with your clients, which will help you in improving your business in the long run. 

  • You can also consider running a contest.

Remember that this can prove to be quite effective, in marketing your business, by using the help of your customers. You can look up ideas for a social contest which will have a very positive impact. Ask your customers

If they will add a hashtag on Instagram. You can also ask them to write a small note on your Facebook page as well. 

  • One good idea to get more reviews is rewarding those who review.

You can choose to provide each and every client who gives a review a 10 % off coupon. If you don’t let them know beforehand that this is coming, then it is even better. This will create a surprise factor, which will add some joy to their experience. 

  • You can consider including the customer’s name and picture when the testimonial is posted.

This will not only be a nice way to show your gratitude towards them, but it will also add a certain level of credibility to the review that they posted. You might want to add their review’s source, like Yelp, one of the popular product review sitesThis will encourage other customers, to write and send their feedback as well. 

  1. You can also give your customers a reason to post their reviews. 

It can be a personalized thank you note, as such as gesture will help you make them feel quite warm. Remember that going the extra mile definitely helps in the long run. 

Additional Points:

Kindly remember that reviews are not only beneficial for customers, but it is also essential for your overall online presence. Reviews that are posted online often have a glowing impact on search engine results. They can impact your search engine placement positively, especially search engine placement in local listings.

Various reports likewise state that the client audits additionally increment the active visitor clicking percentage to your site, and are additionally used to strengthen your geographic posting, which is the reason they can build your neighborhood search position. Despite all these facts, believe it or not, only around 23 percent of customers usually submit a rating or a review online.

Generally, when customers post reviews, it is also negative. This is why you need to follow the above-mentioned points if you want to increase your ratings and reviews.