10 Types of Engagement Rings

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An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life. But, with so many types out there, figuring out the perfect one for your soon-to-be fiancée is tough. When you are picking an engagement ring, you have to think about your taste, style, and values, as you will be making one of the most memorable and special moments of your life. In case you are confused about what style you should pick, here is a guide on engagement rings that will help you find the perfect ring for your partner:

1. Solitaire

This engagement ring style gets its name from the French word for ‘alone’ and has a single diamond. It boasts elegance in simplicity and is among the most popular engagement ring styles. The gemstone is set high allowing the diamond the maximum exposure to light and enhancing its brilliance. If your partner loves classic styles, this ring is best suited for him/her.

2. Halo

Halo is an ethereal-style ring with a central gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds in the shape of a ‘halo’. This emphasises the sparkle of the diamond and makes it look bigger. This style is set to be the ‘new classic’ and will suit well for a fashion-forward woman.

3. Three-Stone

Also called trilogy or trinity ring, the three-stone has a trio of gemstones that symbolise the past, present, and future together. Out of the three gemstones, the centre one is placed higher than the others to highlight the larger gemstone and add depth to the ring. If your partner loves symbolism and is sentimental, this will be a wonderful choice.


This ring’s name comes from the French word meaning ‘paved’. On this ring, the gemstones are placed as closely as possible with little to no metal showing. And because of the encrusted diamonds, the band appears like a solid diamond surface. This design is the perfect choice for someone who loves super-sparkle.

5. Classic

This classic engagement ring style includes traditional cuts and timeless designs while highlighting the beauty and sparkle of the centre stone. Solitaire settings, pavé accents, and clean lines are considered classics. This style can attract someone who wants a gorgeous sparkle or just loves traditional items.

6. Infinity

These rings symbolise the intertwining of the couple and offer a contemporary style. The lines of the band are twisted together to create the infinity design. It is a unique design representing the infinite capability for love and emphasising the never-ending commitment that comes with marriage.

7. Cathedral

In the cathedral engagement ring, the central diamond is placed between the bands extending from either side in a cathedral setting. They are angled up in a way that the eyes are drawn to the gemstone. It also offers better protection for the diamond, making it the perfect choice for women who are on the go.

8. Vintage

Some styles will always be in style. The reinvented vintage rings have a splendour from the bygone eras with a contemporary twist. By using a combination of milgrain detailing and engravings, it offers a boundless representation of your romance.

9. Channel-Set

In this engagement ring, small diamonds will be embedded in the band to extend the centre diamond’s brilliance. If your partner prefers a fresh, modern look, this style will suit them well.

10. Swirl

This engagement ring is the ideal combination of pretty, romance, and femininity. There is a metal or a ‘swirl’ around the diamond. The band acts as the right fit for the dreamy and unusual shape. A creative or artistic woman would like this ring.

If you are unsure about the ring you should get your partner, you can always make buying an engagement ring a shared effort. In fact, research shows that more and more women are buying their rings now. Engagement rings should be a reflection of your love for your partner and your style. Regardless of what your partner prefers, you will find a ring that suits them. So, purchase an engagement ring and propose marriage to the love of your life.