10 Household dishes in Bengali Wedding

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Caterers in Howrah or the Caterers in Kolkata trim the biggest similarity in sorting out dishes from the household kitchens. The following are the one exclusively eaten by Bengali homes. 

  • Alu Posto

Bengalis love potatoes like anything. Aloo posto is a simple curry made from poppy seed paste and potatoes with green chillies, mustard oil and kalonji as a strong flavouring element. This is one of the favourite delicacies among every Caterers in Howrah. So it’s a must include in any bengali wedding food menu. 

  • Biulir Dal

While talking about Biulir dal, we always dream about this vegetarian dish with posto and it is commonly served by most of the Caterers in kolkata. The combo is nothing but heavenly. The most important ingredient of this deal is “hing” . It is also served in weddings with beginning bhaja which is favourite among the bengalis.

  • Muger dal

Dal is an everyday delicacy in Indian cuisine. It is one of the most important dishes, especially in menus by the Caterers in Howrah. A sumptuous bengali style moong dal with vegetables and roasted coconut served with rice. When  served with begun bhaja, it tastes heavenly which will surely make every guest happy and satisfied.

  • Sukto

Sukto is a bittersweet soup of vegetables that Bengalis have with their meals. The main ingredients are bitter gourd, potato, drumstick, brinjal, beans, green banana. It’s a delicately flavoured soup spiced with a lot of spices with the goodness of vegetables. This dish will surely tickle everyone’s taste buds in any menu by the Caterers in Kolkata.

  • Doi Mach

It is nearly impossible to miss this dish while attending a bengali wedding. Prepared in yogurt, this dish is less spicy and goes easy on the stomach which is enough to delight your taste buds. This traditional dish is favourite among the bengalis especially during festivals and any other functions, by the Caterers in Howrah.

  • Begun Ilish

The classic ilish fish is cooked with kochu and begun which is an authentic bengali recipe with its sharp flavors through hilsa coupled with mustard oil and fiery green chillies. The caterers in  Howrah and Caterers in kolkata serve this recipe with plain steamed rice as main course.

  • Kasha Mangsho

A bengali wedding by the Caterers in Kolkata is incomplete without the authentic bengli style mutton curry. Pieces of goat meat and potatoes are cooked in an onion ginger- garlic gravy along with tomatoes, mustard oil and curd. This spicy delicacy attracts almost every guest so it is considered a must in any wedding.

  • Sada Bhat

Bengalis love bhat. It comes to no surprise that long basmati rice is a part of every occasion. Such as a wedding party. The caterers of Howrah and Caterers in Kolkata serve plain white rice with dal, begun bhaja with various dishes which is undoubtedly a heavenly taste.

  • Mishti Pulao

MIshti pulao is a traditional bengali rice dish which appears in every occasions like any weddings.It is fragrant, rich and has a mild undertone of sweetness which goes well with spicy bengali non-veg dishes such as fish kalia which is a perfect combo in any bengali weddings.

  • Payesh

Payesh such as nolen gurer payesh is perfect for desserts in any bengali wedding. The delicacy is made with milk, rice and special gur and is mastered with richness of jaggery and loads of stirring. The caterers of Howrah and Caterers in kolkata always include this delightful dish in their food menu.

Caterers in Howrah or the Caterers in Howrah both have their own way of representing food menus on the plate. But one thing that is highly symbolic is the representation of home foods.