10 Best Amazon Prime Toy Deals

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It’s no surprise that online shopping has increased exponentially over the last few years. Not only is it quick and convenient for busy parents to shop in the comfort of their own homes, it’s also a great way to score some of the best deals without having to navigate a hectic superstore with kids in tow. With that being said, the 2021 Amazon Prime day is fast approaching (June 21-22), and all of the hot toy deals are just being revealed. Here’s a sneak peak at the top ten toy deals that parents can take advantage of.

1. L.O.L. Surprise Amazing Surprise

To any parent of young children, it should come as no surprise that “unboxing” videos are a big hit. The L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise is perfect for those “unboxing” fans! Each package contains a mix of 14 dolls, both boy and girl, as well as dozens of outfits, shoes, and other stylish accessories. Containing over 70 surprises, with each being wrapped in it’s own packaging, this L.O.L. Surprise Amazing Surprise set is the ultimate gift for any child who can’t get enough of these adorable little fashionistas.

2. KidKraft KidKraft Wooden Farm to Table Play Kitchen

What child doesn’t enjoy pretending to be a chef or restaurant owner? This sleek and modern kitchenette is the perfect gift for any aspiring young chef. Featuring a realistic looking range, a mini chalkboard to showcase the “dish of the day,” overhead hanging storage for pots and pans, this delightful kitchen set is sure to inspire many hours creating delicious dishes.

3. Baby Alive Baby Grows Up

Baby Alive dolls have long been around since the early 1970’s, and have remained popular for decades. This doll’s popularity lies solely in its ability to do what no doll has before: she actually grows up! Packaged as a newborn, she slowly extends up to four inches and “grows” as she is fed, rocked, and cared for.

4. LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection 21044 Paris Skyline Building Kit

It is difficult to find any family with children who don’t have a few LEGO sets lying around. For that child who is looking for more of a challenge, check out this set from their architecture skyline collection featuring the Paris skyline. Featuring the Eiffel Tower, and other iconic structures, this is a great gift for any older LEGO fan.

5. Botley the Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set

What parent doesn’t appreciate a cleverly designed toy which also incorporates a multitude of learning opportunities? This electronic robot is the perfect introduction to STEM concepts and allows children to explore the world of coding. The best feature of this robot is that tablets and phones are not required, which is perfect for parents who are concerned about screen time.

6. Puppy Dog Pals Surprise Action Figure

For parents of toddlers and preschool aged children, it’s no secret that “Puppy Dog Pals” is one of the most popular shows right now. These adorable action figures can actually move, and waddle delightfully when you push a button on their backs. Parents can choose from either Bingo or Rolly.

7. Play-Doh Sand Variety 6-Pack

Kinetic sand and other sensory toys have been all the rage amongst children for the last few years. This nifty Play-Doh set features a collection of shimmery, colorful sand. Coming in a set of six, this Play-Doh pack will keep children entertained for hours as they stretch, pull, and knead their way through imaginative play.

8. Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy Doll

Barbie has long been a staple of the toy industry since its inception in 1959. This adorable doll features long, pink hair, sparkly blue and pink skirt, and intricately designed pink fairy wings. This is a great doll to add to any child’s Barbie collection.

9. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse

This adorable purse is a fantastic way to help babies practice their fine motor skills! With dozens of fun songs, as well as phrases in both English and Spanish, this purse is sure to keep little ones busy and engaged, as they clap to the beat and explore the different accessories featured inside.

10. Rubie’s Captain Marvel Kree Costume Suit

It’s no secret that kids love to play imaginary dress up games, that’s one of the reasons why Halloween is such a huge hit! Dress up play doesn’t have to come just once a year though! This Captain Marvel Kree costume set comes with a realistically designed suit, detailed mask, and mesh eye covers. This costume is perfect for any little fan of Captain Marvel!

With a multitude of toy options featured throughout Amazon Prime Day, all parents are apt to find something for any child at any age. June 21-22 is fast approaching, so get ready to look forward to these amazing toy deals that won’t break the bank!