10 Advantages of Studying Abroad

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I don’t know if you noticed it – in recent years, some students with better family conditions tend to further their studies in foreign countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries providing high-quality education for students. Why is this so? Naturally because there are so many advantages of studying abroad.

In this article, let’s explore 10 best advantages of studying abroad and an effective way to apply for a foreign university.

Advantages of Studying Abroad

  1. Learn or perfect a second language

Each country has its own language. So when you study and live in another country, you have the opportunity to learn and master another language, which will also become an important advantage for your future career or personal development. This is also one of the main reasons why young people decide to study outside the country.

  • Make new friends

When enrolling international students, universities generally do not only enroll students of one nationality. This means you have the opportunity to meet new friends of different nationalities while studying abroad.You can not only interact with different people, but experience a multicultural exchange.

  • Get to know a different culture

When studying in another country, you need to adapt to the lifestyle of that country and appreciate the habits, customs and traditions of the country you are studying. This can help you better understand the culture of this country.

  • Acquire new teaching methods

While studying abroad, you have the opportunities to interact with professors and specialists from recognized institutions. These professors and specialists have different criteria to present their knowledge, so you can know and acquire new teaching methods during your study.

  • Achieve a better resume

Your experience of studying abroad will add to your resume a lot, especially when you are studying in some of well-known universities in the world.

  • Get a better job with higher pay

If you decide to return to your home country to find a job after graduation, your experience of studying abroad will become a competitive advantage for you -it can not only give you more job opportunities, but also help you to get a high starting salary.

  • Personal growth

Being away from family and home helps to internalize, realizing values and beliefs. Perceiving identity from the outside helps to have a more mature vision linked to personal development.

  • Resource management

Studying abroad forces you to have greater control over money and time, so that they can be optimized to achieve objectives and cover expenses.

  • Better educational level

Studying abroad is generally considered to receive a higher level and higher quality education. So when you have the experience of studying abroad, everyone will generally feel that you have received a higher level of education and will recognize your abilities more.

  1. Opportunity to work abroad

Upon completion of the studies, there is the possibility of placing a job within the country where you were completed.

An Effective Way to Apply for a Foreign University

We all know that it is not easy to apply for a university abroad – you need to choose a proper course, prepare application materials, upload application documents, submit your course application, pay tuition fees, etc. In this case, you can find a tool to be your assistant – CatEight. This is a comprehensive course application platform that can assist you to complete the whole course application process with ease.


In short, studying abroad has many benefits to a person’s development. Therefore, when economic conditions permit, it is strongly recommended that you study abroad to improve yourself and enrich your life. For more information about studying abroad, you can go to the News & Tips section of CatEight.